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Will Your Catering Equipment See You Through Busy Times?

Everyone in the catering industry knows the importance of carrying out regular and high quality servicing and maintenance on catering equipment. But did you know that now is the optimum time to carry out preventative maintenance work?

Your equipment has worked hard over Christmas, New Year and Valentines and with Mothering Sunday, Easter and the summer holidays not too far away it is essential that your equipment is not going to let you down right when you most need it.

Reputation And legislation

Your equipment failing can not only cause damage to your reputation – it can also create food safety problems or lead you to be in breach legislation around ventilation, gas safety, food storage and preparation.  You only have to look at all of the latest product re-cals by major brands, which you can see here on the FSA website, to realise the impact that inefficient or faulty equipment can have in the food preparation process.

Health And Safety

Another consideration is the safety of kitchen staff, unmaintained and faulty equipment can cause injury, resulting in possible prosecution and hefty fines. There are numerous HSE case studies relating to poorly maintained equipment, here are just two examples.

Chef slips and suffers severe arm burns from hot oil
16 Year Old Employee Flash Fries Arm in 360°F Oil Following Slip

Value For Money

Maintaining and servicing your equipment regularly can actually increase the lifespan and longevity, which in turn represents better value for money and return on your investment. Planned maintenance is also easier to accommodate in your busy kitchen, rather than unexpected failures and breakdowns leading to equipment downtime.

Make sure your ready when the rush hits!